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Research: When medical students study homeopathy…

Medical students give thumbs up to homeopathy program

Medical students give thumbs up to homeopathy program

To meet increased patient demand for homeopathy, one German university developed a homeopathy undergraduate program for its medical students.

The course was assessed for its concept, delivery, and influence on students’ professional development.

The researchers said: “Overall, the knowledge of theory and practice of homeopathy was viewed positively by the students, regardless of whether they wanted to work with homeopathy in later professional life or not.”

It concluded with: “Homeopathy as an elective subject is not only useful for acquiring specific knowledge in integrative medicine, but also important as a means of developing physicians’ core skills that are often not well considered in conventional medical education.”

It is well worthwhile reading this paper. The comments from the students are particularly interesting with many valuing the contribution the program will make to their later practice.

More Information: Homeopathy as elective in undergraduate medical education − an opportunity for teaching professional core skills

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