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Rayms B Rap for Homeopathy in Africa

People using the services of Homeopathy for Health in Africa are so excited with the impact homoeopathy has had on their health problems that they just had to do a …


Homeopathy in Africa – A Day in the Clinic

Editor’s note: Camilla Scherr describes a fascinating if not exhausting day at the Homeopathy for Health in Africa clinic. In a location where the need is so great, homoeopathy is …


Hollywood Homeopathy – You Stupid Man

Homeopathy is endlessly versatile and has found a home in all sorts of places and kinds of professions. Hollywood and the making of movies is no exception. In this article, …


I Sniff At Homeopathy

Sugar pills? Drops that taste just like water? That’s what comes to mind for most when they think of homeopathic remedies. The fact that homeopathy does so much with so …

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