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Studies: Preparing for Radiation 1

Studies: Preparing for Radiation

…hat use radiation are: x-rays, CT scans (computed tomography), mammograms, nuclear medicine and fluoroscopy. X-rays produce two-dimensional images of hard substances in the body such as bones and teeth. They were first discovered in the late 1800s but when many early investigators started to have their arms amputated because of tumours, or died from cancer, it was quickly realised that x-rays were dangerous. Today, the traditional x-ray has relati…

Radiation Sickness and Poisoning: Guidelines for Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention 2

Radiation Sickness and Poisoning: Guidelines for Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention

…rocked by an earthquake and subsequent tsunami that damaged its Fukushima nuclear power plants. The world watched in horror as Japanese officials struggled to contain the radiation leaks and prevent a meltdown of the triple radioactive cores. They were only partially successful – the cores did melt and disappeared deep within the earth. Their current location now unknown but it is believed they are still emitting radiation. The concern is that ra…

Study: Melanoma Cells 'Suicide' with Homeopathy 3

Study: Melanoma Cells ‘Suicide’ with Homeopathy

…n of A375 cells, without showing much cytotoxicity on peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Generation of ROS and DNA damage, which made the cancer cells prone to apoptosis, were found to be enhanced in PD-treated cells. These results were duly supported by the analytical data on expression of different cellular and nuclear proteins, as for example, by down-regulation of Akt and Bcl-2, up-regulation of p53, Bax and caspase 3, and an increase in numb…

Dyshidrosis helped by homeopathy - Betty's Story 4

Dyshidrosis helped by homeopathy – Betty’s Story

…th sores and looked like I had forgotten to wear gloves while assembling a nuclear weapon. One of the blisters was near the cuticle on one of my fingers, and eventually it took part of my nail off. It was a horrible cycle. I bought several pairs of cotton gloves from the drugstore and fortunately, it was cold enough so that when I went out (where just pushing a grocery cart was irritating to my hands) I could put winter gloves over the cotton ones…

A Study of Homeopathic X-ray 5

A Study of Homeopathic X-ray

In contrast, this article looks at the early provings and the use of homeopathic x-ray for treatment purposes. The home point from both articles is that ANY homeopathic remedy can be used in one of two ways – prevention or treatment. Preventative prescribing is much easier as it is more of a ‘this for that’ approach whilst treatment prescribing is more complex as the remedy has to match the unique symptoms of the sufferer if good results are to b…

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