Radiation Sickness and Poisoning: Guidelines for Homeopathic Prevention and Treatment

In the wake of the  major earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on 11 March 2011, Japanese officials are still struggling to contain and prevent further radiation leaks from the country’s damaged nuclear power plants.

Should the situation worsen,
leaking radioactive material has the potential to spread further afield to contaminate neighbouring islands and countries through sea and air currents.

For all concerned, there are protective steps that can be taken with homeopathy.

Useful Remedies

The whole of homeopathic prescribing is based on the principle that a substance treats or prevents symptoms that are similiar to those it produces. (See Tutorial 1: The Law of Similars) .

In the instance of radiation poisoning, all that has to be known for homeopathic treatment to begin is which remedies, during their testing phase, produced symptoms similar to those of radiation poisoning. Those remedies are then used by homeopaths with a reasonable degree of confidence for either protection against radiation sickness or treatment of it.

For this reason, homeopaths and homeopathic organisations have been releasing statements since the beginning of the crisis, listing remedies that may be helpful.

At Homeopathy Plus, we have confined our suggestions to those remedies whose effects are also supported by research and/or confirmed with clinical successes as reported by doctors and physicians dealing with radiation exposure during the Great World Wars. (References regarding research and clinical usage of these remedies can be found in links at the bottom of this Alert.)

Those remedies include the following:

  1. Cadmium iodatum (Cadm-i.)
  2. Cadmium sulphuricum (Cadm-s.)
  3. Phosphorus (Phos.)
  4. Strontium carbonicum (Stront-c.)
  5. X-ray

Obtaining Remedies

There are several ways of obtaining remedies. At a time of emergency, most homeopaths will be able to supply them to you and many natural health stores or pharmacies also carry a limited range of homeopathics. In some countries, homeopathic pharmacies supply direct to the public. Of the above remedies, Phosphorus is the most well-known remedy and likely to be the easiest to obtain.


Protection: Any one of the above remedies may be used along with other precautionary measures if under threat of radiation exposure. Take a dose of a 30C potency, three times a day.

If a 30C potency is not available, use whatever potency is on hand, taking a more frequent dose for lower potencies (4-6 times a day) and a less frequent dose (1-2 times a day) for highter potencies. Of course, all other emergency response precautions should also be taken.

Do not exceed 6 doses without guidance from your homeopath who will help you to adjust the frequency of dose according to the risk of exposure and your sensitivity to the remedy.

Treatment: If radiation sickness has developed, your homeopath is the best person to advise on homeopathic treatment – remedies, dosages and potencies – as these will depend on the symptoms you are experiencing and their severity.

Do be aware that a larger range of remedies may be referred to for treatment as idiosyncratic reactions of the sufferer are taken into account for best results. This is not the case with symptom prevention, however, where only the characteristic symptoms of that disease (rather than of the person) have to be matched, requiring a smaller group of remedies.

If you are unable to contact a homeopath, the following three links have information to guide you on when and how to dose.

How Often Should I Take a Dose of My Remedy?

What to Expect (Part A)

What to Expect (Part B)

More Information

The following articles were written for the treatment and prevention of radiotherapy and chemotherapy side-effects but the information and references they contain are just as useful for accidental radiation exposure and the current threat.

Preparing for Radiation

Homeopathy for Radiation and Chemotherapy Side-Effects

Two other useful articles that discuss more disaster and emergency remedies are:

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