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Kaviraj on Fleas, Slugs and More

Kaviraj on Fleas, Slugs and More 2

Kaviraj is our resident expert on using homeopathy for plants, soils and pests. From Hippy to Homeopath: the Story of Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj.


  • Fleas on dogs
  • Fleas on animals and people
  • Powdered Ledum as a flea repellant
  • Pear and cherry slugs (aka sawfly lavae)
  • Leaf curl
  • Instructions for storage and use of remedies
  • Ask Kaviraj your questions
  • Looking for more information?

Questions and Answers

Q1: Fleas on Dogs. Hi Kaviraj, I read your reply to the question on fleas and cats. What would you recommend for fleas on dogs? Peter.

Hi Peter. Fleas are fleas, right? So the remedy is the same as for fleas on cats – Ledum palustre herbal tincture. Rub it onto you dog’s skin but do it in the garden so the fleas have somewhere else to jump to rather than into your carpet or onto you. Kaviraj.

Kaviraj on Fleas, Slugs and More 3
Q2: Fleas on Animals and People. Dear Kaviraj, We have a terrible flea infestation that we must deal with naturally.  They seem particularly interested in our cats, my husband and son.  They are all through our carpets and beds and although I vacuum almost everyday and have sprinkled diatomaceous earth everywhere, along with a number of other natural solutions, we still have them returning. Being Brisbane it is warm and humid (perfect climate for fleas).  I know they are attracted by the vibrations set up by passing animals but they seem more attracted to certain people than others. Thanks for your thoughts, Natalie.

Hi Natalie. As with all flea problems, there are 2 ways to go about. Ruta graveolens can be used for the human victims – in herbal tincture. Fleas hate the smell and will leave. Cats, dogs and other pets do not react well to Ruta in tincture though. Cats do rub themselves on Ruta plants if they are in the garden but that is not the same as applying the tincture directly and won’t cause any problems.  For cats and dogs, Ledum palustre is better, also in herbal tincture. It is safe to apply to them, doesn’t smell overly strong and also helps with any bites.

Q3: Powdered Ledum as a Flea Repellant. Dear Kaviraj, Can I use the powdered or dried herb of Ledum as a ‘flea powder’ to repel fleas? Thanks, Nyema.

Hi Nyema, Yes you can but how are will you keep the powder in the fur and on the skin? The herbal tincture lasts much longer. Kaviraj

Kaviraj on Fleas, Slugs and More 4Q4:  Pear and Cherry Slugs (aka sawfly lavae) and Leaf Curl. Hi Karivaj, Can you please advise what remedy to use for a Cherry Tree that gets infested with Pear and Cherry Slug.  This is not a true slug or caterpillar, but actually the larvae of a sawfly. The tree is otherwise healthy, but every summer it ends up totally covered with Pear and Cherry Slugs which skeletonise all of the leaves so that it hardly has any leaves left. Also can you recommend a remedy for Peach Leaf Curl. Thanks, Karen.


Kaviraj on Fleas, Slugs and More 5
Kaviraj on Fleas, Slugs and More 6

Hi there, Karen. The larvae of the sawfly are soft-bodied instars and can be cleared with Coccinella. Here are two photos of a New Zealand grower, who used this remedy in his orchard against the same problem. The leaf curl is likely to be either a fungal problem or a nutrient problem. In the first case, try Silicea. In the second case, it would be wise to get a soil test done to see which nutrients are imbalanced. Once this is known we can then prescribe an appropriate remedy. Kaviraj.

Instructions for Agrohomeopathy Remedy Use and Storage

Just add one 6X or 6C potency pill to each 200 ml of water, shake vigorously, and then spray on the leaves of your plant or water into its roots. If using the remedy for pests, spray where the pests normally gather.

Store pills and liquid away from light, moisture, and high temperatures (normal household temperatures are fine). Close range mobile phone and microwave oven emissions have been shown to affect homeopathic remedies. Keep your pills and liquid away from these appliances.

1 x vial of 100 pills makes 20 litres of remedy.