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Cancer Research: Homeopathic Remedies Effective and Non-toxic Against Breast Cancer Cells

A study published in the International Journal of Oncology showed that homeopathic remedies have a similar action to chemotherapy but none of their toxicity.
Dr Moshe Frenkel, the lead researcher for this study said, “We felt that homeopathy needed to be tested in the same way that we test new chemotherapeutic drugs. We were quite impressed to find that homeopathic remedies have similar effects to chemotherapy on breast cancer cells but without affecting normal cells, a very exciting finding.”

The homeopathic remedies tested included: Carcinosin; Conium maculatum; Phytolacca decandra; and Thuja occidentalis which, along with others, have a long history of use in breast cancer by homeopaths.

The researchers concluded, “the ultra-diluted natural homeopathic remedies investigated in this study offer the promise of being effective preventive and/or therapeutic agents for breast cancer and worthy of further study.”

Let’s hope this research takes place.

Homeopathy Plus! Comment: Please note that there is no one homeopathic remedy for all types of breast cancer. Different symptom presentations in different sufferers will require a different remedy. The remedies tested by the researchers are just some of those that may be helpful in breast cancer. Homeopathy is a safe and non-toxic system of medicine but it does require serious study and application if it is to be practised well. Please consult a qualified homeopath if you wish to use homeopathy when cancer is present.

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