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Case Report: Antibiotic resistant epididymal abscess resolves with homeopathy

antibioticA man with spinal injury (quadriplegia) avoided surgical intervention for his abscessed scrotum when homeopathy was used as a therapy. The abscess, a complication of urinary tract infection and frequent catheterisation, had formed in his epididymis (the gland that’s on top and runs down the side of the teste). It had failed to respond to antibiotic treatment but resolved within one week when homeopathy was added to the treatment regime.

This case is an example of what’s frequently seen in practice. In the West, patients rarely approach homeopaths as their first course of treatment – only when all other attempts have failed. The fact that, even at this point, significant improvements and cures are achieved speaks loudly of homeopathy’s value as a health care modality. I wonder what would happen if it was used more often as a first line of treatment? From my experience, bucket loads of time, substantial cost and suffering would be averted.

More Information: Case Report: Antibiotic resistant epididymal abscess resolves with homeopathy

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