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Man Saves Testicle With Homeopathy

A spinal injury patient with an abscess in his scrotum saved his testicle when he opted for homeopathic treatment instead of surgery.

Luckily, a man was able to save his testicle, much like this one, and avoid surgery with the right homeopathic remedy.

Spinal injury patients often lose the sensation and function of their urinary bladder.

The problem of how to empty the bladder is managed by either stimulating a reflex contraction so that it spontaneously empties itself, or by catheterisation to drain the urine from it.

Either way, the patient is at increased risk of urinary tract infection and the complication of epididymo-orchitis, a swelling or abscess of the testicle and the coiled tube that sits on top of it.

Case Report: Antibiotic resistant epididymal abscess resolves with homeopathy

In this interesting case from the Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Centre of Switzerland, a 35-year-old quadriplegic (tetraplegic) man was able to avoid testicle removing surgery for epididymo-orchitis when he was prescribed homeopathic Hamamelis by his doctors for the abscess.

His swollen testicle and abscess were first detected when he developed a fever and experienced increased muscle spasm.

A urinalysis and blood test revealed an infection in his urine and epididymo-orchitis was subsequently diagnosis by ultrasound.

Oral antibiotics were prescribed but the epididymo-orchitis worsened so, two days later, intravenous antibiotics were commenced.

These too failed to bring improvement so his doctors suggested that his testicle be surgically removed.

The patient, for obvious reasons, rejected this proposal.

His doctors then tried the homeopathic remedy, Hamamelis viginiana, prescribing it for the specific symptoms he was experiencing.

Within 3 days, the abscess was significantly smaller and all indications of infection had decreased.

By 4 days there was no sign of the abscess.

Some fluid remained in the once swollen scrotum remained and was removed by needle aspiration.

It was found to be infection-free.

The treating doctors concluded that the homeopathic treatment seemed responsible for the quick improvement in the patient’s clinical symptoms and ultrasound investigations.

They were keen to point out that Hamamelis was selected by a classical approach on the totality of the signs and symptoms of that individual patient and so should not be considered a general remedy for all cases of epididymal abscesses.

They call for further studies on homeopathy for urinary tract infections.

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