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Homeopathic Medicine for Worms 1

Homeopathic Medicine for Worms

Hookworms, round worms, thread worms, tapeworms … any kind of worm. They are all managed by homeopathy in tincture or potency. Here’s a list of useful remedies.

Nitroglycerine as a Remedy 2

Nitroglycerine as a Remedy

“Until today it is a reliable treatment agent for managing Angina Pectoris, both as a highly diluted conventional drug, and as a highly diluted and succussed homeopathic remedy.”

Homeopathy for Cerebral Palsy 3

Homeopathy for Cerebral Palsy

This doctor’s repertory of remedies that correspond to common cerebral palsy symptoms shows how homeopathy may help this disabling condition.

Homeopathy for Nail Fungus 4

Homeopathy for Nail Fungus

When fungus affects the nail, it’s called onychomycosis. When it is between the toes or on the feet it’s known as athlete’s foot or tinea. Homeopathy helps both.

Trans-generational Trauma 5

Trans-generational Trauma

Epigenetic studies show that unresolved trauma from previous generations can affect one’s current life and experiences. Homeopathy offers resolution for these inherited problems.

Remedies for Plants and Animals 6

Remedies for Plants and Animals

Q: “Did you know that homeopathic remedies can help weak, pest-infested, and frost-damaged plants—and can even build them up” The same is true for animals.

Anaphylactic Reactions & Homeopathy 8

Anaphylactic Reactions & Homeopathy

4 highly sensitive people tell what happened when they used a simple remedy for reactions to a yellow jacket sting, a bonding agent, a wasp bite, and a sesame seed exposure.

Remedies for Heel Pain 9

Remedies for Heel Pain

Heel pain and plantar fasciitis are common problems especially for those who stand and walk a lot. Homeopathy offers useful treatment – here’s a list of key remedies.