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Incision Granuloa Treated

“A local application of Natrum mur effects a cure of incision granuloma in a woman of 24. Granulations and indignation during pregnancy pointed toward the remedy.”

Lesser Known Remedies

Remedies that are poorly understood or not often needed – Lachnanthes, Formic Acid, Acetanilidum, Hydrocortisone, Macrotin, and others – pack a punch when appropriate.

Pain Relief with Homeopathy

Patients with chronic musculoskeletal disorders, when given homeopathy, had a reduced need for conventional pain medications.

Alcoholism and Homeopathy

An Indian pilot study examined which remedies were the most effective for alcoholism. Nux vomica came out on top but what were the others?

Remedies for Vitiligo

The conventional and homeopathic approaches to vitiligo are compared and a list of useful remedies and relevant research, provided.

EARLY BIRD: Magic Pills Film – First Time in Australia!

Join us for an end-of-year film screening of the highly anticipated Magic Pills film and a Discover Homeopathy presentation. This event includes a Christmas gift for each attendee and lucky door prizes. Early bird ticket prices available.

Homeopathy to the Rescue

Ten key remedies make a big difference following a painful or itchy insect encounters. All you have to do is match the symptom to the remedy and take every 4 hours if needed.

Why Homeopathy for Diarrhoea?

Compare the homeopathic and conventional approach to this inconvenient and distressing problem. A list of useful remedies and links to research are included.