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My 'Eureka' Moment 1

My ‘Eureka’ Moment

“They did not provide me with information about alternative treatments, linked to diet and lifestyle changes. They did not mention that there were therapies, such as homeopathy…”

Remedies to Beat the Heat 2

Remedies to Beat the Heat

The bad effects of sun and heat lead to exhaustion, heat stroke, cramps, cataracts, sunburn, solar ketatosis, and more. A doctor looks at remedies to reduce risk and aid recovery.

Remedies for Child Development 3

Remedies for Child Development

“It’s a holistic approach that reduces behavioural problems and leads to better responses during therapy. It’s also safe during pregnancy as it won’t hurt the developing baby.”

Sepsis and Septicaemia 4

Sepsis and Septicaemia

Antibiotics are used in the treatment of sepsis and septicaemia but homeopathy has a lot to offer that may improve outcomes. Take a look at the study included.

Homeopathy for Parkinson’s 5

Homeopathy for Parkinson’s

“Bill had first noticed some intention tremor in his late forties but thought nothing of it.” Bill went on to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Here’s his treatment story.

Remedies of the Heart 6

Remedies of the Heart

“The symptom of being bound by a metal band is a keynote for homeopathic Cactus, a remedy that is also known to have an affinity for the heart.”

Remedies for Herpes Zoster 7

Remedies for Herpes Zoster

“There are a number of Homoeopathic medicines to treat herpes but each individual case is taken in detail and the remedy selected on basis of the individual’s symptoms.”

Homeopathy For Hair Disease 9

Homeopathy For Hair Disease

Many things cause our locks to look less than lustrous – hair loss, fungal infections, dandruff, and premature greying among them. These remedies help.