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Homeopathy for Bovine Mastitis

Homeopathy is used by savvy herdsmen control bovine mastitis so that milk contaminated by bacteria and antibiotics doesn’t have to be thrown away. Here’s the remedies they use.

Homeopathy and Yellow Fever

Check the conventional and homeopathic approaches to this life-threatening disease and brush up on the remedies that suit yellow fever related symptoms.

Homeopathy for Rescues

Adapting to a new home is difficult for rescue dogs. Fortunately, homeopathic remedies soften the transition so that your new family member makes a quicker adjustment.

Homeopathy and PTSD

PTSD is life-limiting. These 9 remedies should be considered for those who find it hard to relax, worry about family, easily lose their temper, feel rushed, lose their appetite, and more.

Homeopathy for ADHD

Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD? Do they fidget, interrupt others, talk incessantly, or procrastinate? These and other ADHD symptoms respond to homeopathy.

Homeopathy in New York

Did you know that the first women’s medical college in New York was homeopathic? Or that the Atlantic Mutual life Insurance covered homeopathic patients?

Homeopathy and Measles

“Since the 1800s, homeopathic Aconitum Napellus 30C has been used successfully to treat measles in the beginning stage.” What other remedies are recommended for measles?

Homeopathy, Labour, & Delivery

Homeopathy is easily incorporated into any birth plan. Remedies help with fast-paced contractions, fear, pain, exhaustion, backache, cervix not dilating, and more.

Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis

There are over 200 remedies in homeopathy, which are capable of treating scalp psoriasis. Here’s a list of 10 important ones and the symptoms they suit.