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Homeopathy for Cerebral Palsy

“A child may benefit from working with a trained homeopathy to relieve pain, improve mobility, and provide relief for many of the associated symptoms…”

Vaccine Science is NOT Settled

I was once a medical professional who would have said that ‘vaccination science was settled long ago, and is now laid to rest’. After all, that is what I was taught.

Remedies for Conn’s Syndrome

In a case of Conn’s syndrome (primary hyperaldosteronism), the symptoms of anxiety, trembling, palpitations, fear of death, and nervousness were clues to the curative remedy.

Agaricus the Remedy

It’s amazing what one remedy can cover. In the case of Agaricus, it’s types of frostbite, alcoholism, headaches, overtalkativeness, and delirium. The good doctors from the BHA tell all.

Homeopathy for Styes

Styes – a small but annoying problem. Several homeopathic remedies treat existing styes and then go one step further by reducing the likelihood of them returning.

Painkiller Usage and Homeopathy

“A large study conducted in France showed that patients with chronic musculoskeletal disorders had a 50 percent reduced usage of conventional pain medication”.

Bach Flower Remedies

“Bach Flower Remedies are powerful yet gentle healing tools that can catalyse the resolution of deep emotional imbalances, as can homeopathy.” How do they differ to homeopathy?

Homeopathy for Depression

A heavily-medicated 82-year-old man with depression, diplopia, fits of anger, aortic stenosis and an aneurysm was treated with homeopathy – but which remedy, and why?

Homeopathy and MRSA

In this day and age of antibiotic resistance, it’s wise to know about homeopathy. Here’s a comparisone between it and the conventional approach to MRSA infections.