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NZ Dairy Farmers use Homeopathy 1

NZ Dairy Farmers use Homeopathy

The Gray’s favourite remedies include gunpowder for infection, phytolacca for mastitis, ignatia for milk let down and settling calves, arnica for traumatic births, and more.

Homeopathy to the Rescue 2

Homeopathy to the Rescue

Homeopathy saved lives during deadly cholera, yellow fever and typhus epidemics. Records show lower mortality rates than allopathy, again and again.

Obesity and Homeopathy 3

Obesity and Homeopathy

Homeopathy helps weight loss? Absolutely! That’s because it addresses the hormonal imbalances, emotions and food cravings that often underpin excessive weight gain.

Remedies for Sciatica 4

Remedies for Sciatica

Here’s a list of 43 remedies for sciatica, each matching a different set of symptoms. Remedies are available for long-lasting pain, inability to sit still, pain worsened by heat, and more!

Case Report: Baby Constipation 5

Case Report: Baby Constipation

Homeopathy successfully helped a constipated baby who was miserable, fidgetty, arching his back, banging his head, and regurgitating after meals.

Dairy Farmer and Homeopathy 6

Dairy Farmer and Homeopathy

Pat Aherne uses homeopathy with confidence for his dairy cows and their mastitis, fractures, hoof health, fertility, calving problems, and more. He also saves a lot of money.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Remedies 7

Rheumatoid Arthritis Remedies

Do you suffer from the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis – joint pain, swelling and stiffness to name just a few? Here’s a list of common remedies that often help.

Anxiety: Homeopathy or Drugs? 8

Anxiety: Homeopathy or Drugs?

Panic attacks, palpitations, and nervous diarrhoea don’t have to rule your life. See a comparison between the homeopathic and conventional approach to anxiety.

Katie & Severe Anxiety 9

Katie & Severe Anxiety

After developing severe anxiety, doctors were at a loss as to how to treat Katie. See how homeopathy helped her when nothing else did.