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Liver Disorders and Homeopathy 1

Liver Disorders and Homeopathy

The good doctors from Homeopathy UK present the case for homeopathy for liver problems and damage. A list of some of the best remedies is included.

Homeopathy for Broken Bones 2

Homeopathy for Broken Bones

Learn which remedies help with the pain, swelling, and subsequent healing of fractures – some are even indicated for problems that continue well after a fracture has healed.

Study: Homeopathy for Neck Pain 3

Study: Homeopathy for Neck Pain

Cervical spondylosis and cervical radiculopathy cause pain, disturbed sleep, and limit daytime activities. 21 people in this study found that homeopathy brought relief and improvement.

Shingles & Homeopathy 4

Shingles & Homeopathy

“On the emotional level, she became irritable very easily and had uncontrollable anger outbursts during which she screamed and wanted to do kickboxing.”

Migraine for Homeopathy 5

Migraine for Homeopathy

24 remedies for 24 different types of migraines – pounding, throbbing, light-sensitive, nausea, congestive, bursting, visual disturbances, and other symptoms.

Homeopathy for Styes 7

Homeopathy for Styes

Styes are a small but annoying problem. Homeopathic remedies not only ease existing styes but go one step further to reduce the likelihood of them returning.

Remedies for Blood in Semen 8

Remedies for Blood in Semen

“Homeopathic drugs like Sepia taken in low dosage help in internal absorption of the blood and prevent it from mixing with the semen”. See which other remedies are recommended.

Do Antibiotics Make People Fat? 9

Do Antibiotics Make People Fat?

Could antibiotics be contributing to the obesity epidemic? Very likely according to recent research but other options, including homeopathy exist for acute and recurrent infections.