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Our Wish To All Mothers

To all mothers – you have a special place in our hearts. Thank you for all you do! – Homeopathy Plus

Video: Hong Kong to the NHMRC – Release the First Report!

"... it is not ... what citizens expect from a governmental body ... We should have the right to receive the real and intact information."

NHMRC Report on Homeopathy

The Australian Government withheld a first report so it could release its second flawed report to say homeopathy is ineffective. We now want to see that first report

UK: Homeopathy Affirmed

PM Theresa May eventually broke rank and agreed that homeopathy has a valid and valuable role for UK healthcare. Listen to the evidence that brought her to that point. 

Video: Patient Care and Homeopathy on the NHS

A doctor tells how her journey into homeopathy began as a result of seeing someone’s arthritis dramatically helped by it.

VIDEO: Homeopathy’s Mechanism of Action

Dr Alex Tournier discusses that we see homeopathy working but don’t fully understand how ... but the same is true for most medicines

Video: Worldwide Popularity!

One homeopath explains the reasons for homeopathy's worldwide popularity and responds to those wishing to restrict it by reminding them that people still have a right to choose.

Video: Jan’s Homeopathy Results

Jan was in grief, had no motivation, and was troubled by aches, pains and arthritis. “The difference after taking just the first remedy was little short of remarkable”. 

VIDEO: Dr Brian on Holistic Medicine

One doctor explains his interest in holistic or “whole person” medicine. Much of his video explains the benefits of homeopathy.