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NHMRC Report on Homeopathy 1

NHMRC Report on Homeopathy

The Australian Government withheld a first report so it could release its second flawed report to say homeopathy is ineffective. We now want to see that first report

UK: Homeopathy Affirmed 2

UK: Homeopathy Affirmed

PM Theresa May eventually broke rank and agreed that homeopathy has a valid and valuable role for UK healthcare. Listen to the evidence that brought her to that point. 

Video: Worldwide Popularity! 5

Video: Worldwide Popularity!

One homeopath explains the reasons for homeopathy’s worldwide popularity and responds to those wishing to restrict it by reminding them that people still have a right to choose.

Video: Jan's Homeopathy Results 6

Video: Jan’s Homeopathy Results

Jan was in grief, had no motivation, and was troubled by aches, pains and arthritis. “The difference after taking just the first remedy was little short of remarkable”. 

Homeopathy and the NHS 8

Homeopathy and the NHS

Dr Elizabeth Thompson, lead clinician for the Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine talks about why it is important for homeopathy to be accessible through the NHS.

Video: Homeopathic Bryonia 9

Video: Homeopathic Bryonia

What’s Bryonia good for? Joint and muscle pain aggravated by motion, fevers with intense thirst and dryness, and more. Watch this short video for more information. Read more | Comment