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Homeopathy and the NHS

Dr Elizabeth Thompson, lead clinician for the Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine talks about why it is important for homeopathy to be accessible through the NHS.

Interview: Homeopathy & Autism

Watch one of our homeopaths, Fran Sheffield, discuss the homeopathic treatment of autism with Elsabe Smit - it's one of the few things that truly helps.

HRI Conference 2015 Rome

Dr Fisher discusses the ‘Biggest problem facing public health: – Multimorbidity, polypharmacy, antimicrobial resistance and adverse drug reactions He also says that homeopathy is not against vaccinations and that Hahnemann […]

Video: Cardiologist Uses Homeopathy for her Patients

Dr. Mary Grace Warner MD uses 100% homeopathic medicine in her practice. Drugs are given when not needed, claims Dr. Warner. She recommends people give homeopathy a try.

Doctor recommends homeopathy for stomach bugs on ABC TV video

Homeopathy for stomach / gastro viruses discussed on ABC News story. Dr. Albert Levy M.D. was interviewed recently on ABC TV for a story on gastro and diarrhoea. Eli Manning […]

Video: Rayms B Rap About Homeopathy in Africa

People using the services of Homeopathy for Health in Africa are so excited with the impact homoeopathy has had on their lives that they just had to sing about it. […]

Homeopathy – Magic or Medicine? (Video)

This remarkable ‘golden oldie’ received the British Medical Association’s prestigious “Medicine in the Media” Gold Award – the highest they give for documentaries. It explores why homoeopathy is so widely used, […]