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Video: Homeopathy Instead of Herbicides 1

Video: Homeopathy Instead of Herbicides

Giovanni Dinelli is an Italian professor. His research is focussed on sustainable agriculture with the use of safe homeopathic remedies rather than harmful chemicals.

Video: 'Proving' Research 2

Video: ‘Proving’ Research

"He experiments on healthy volunteers to uncover the symptoms a remedy causes because, based on the principle of 'like cures like', what a remedy causes it can also cure.”

Video: Making a Homeopathic Remedy 3

Video: Making a Homeopathic Remedy

Learn how pharmacies manufacture remedies, the steps of remedy preparation, and the different methods used for various substances.

Homeopathy for Fever 4

Homeopathy for Fever

Fevers are a vital part of the healing process. Suppressing them with medicines delays that healing. Homeopathy helps by correcting what caused the fever so it then resolves.

Video: Homeopathic Bryonia 5

Video: Homeopathic Bryonia

What’s Bryonia good for? Joint and muscle pain aggravated by motion, fevers with intense thirst and dryness, and more. Watch this short video for more information.

VIDEO: 3 Key Remedies for Kids 6

VIDEO: 3 Key Remedies for Kids

This extract from the Homeopathy for Children webinar series looks at three important remedies for childhood health issues, behavioural problems, and learning difficulties.

Video: Homeopathy Complements 7

Video: Homeopathy Complements

A doctor talks of her love for homeopathy and the conditions she has successfully treated using this therapy - recurring infections, mastitis, herpes, and more.

Video: Jeremy Sherr | Proving Research 8

Video: Jeremy Sherr | Proving Research

A homeopath explains the remedy testing process (provings) with several new remedies and discusses the validation of homeopathy with double-blind reprovings of old remedies.

Video: Nat mur 9

Video: Nat mur

Here’s an easy-to-understand introduction to this great remedy for reocurrent respiratory allergies, sun allergies triggered by sun exposure and more.