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Free Sunburn Relief Complex with orders over $30

Sunburn ReliefOuch! We try to avoid it, but recent research from the Australian Cancer Council shows that two million Australians suffer from sunburn each weekend!

While prevention is better than cure, the remedies in our Sunburn Relief Complex may be the next best thing for pain reduction and healing.

If you place an order of $30 or more in our online store this week and we’ll include a Sunburn Complex  – completely free! (Offer ends at midnight on Friday, 9th February).

Take Sunburn Relief with you on holidays, to sporting events, when camping or swimming, or any time you’re planning to have fun in the sun.

To dose, place five drops of the mild-tasting remedy in your mouth at the first sign of redness, discomfort or headache from sun exposure, and -of course- move into the shade.

Sunburn Relief contains a mix of remedies commonly used by homeopaths to reduce redness, stimulate healing and take the sting out of sunburns.

Each 20ml bottle contains 120 doses and normally costs $21.95, but until midnight on Friday 9th February you can receive one free of charge with any order over $30.

Your order can include any combination of:

The Sunburn Complex will automatically be added to your order during filling.

But don’t miss out, because this offer is only available until midnight this Friday, the 8th.

Click here to visit our online store.

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