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Homeopathy and Autism FAQs

(The following FAQ was compiled by Fran Sheffield, one of  the practitioners in our clinic and a recognised authority on the homeopathic treatment of autism. Fran regularly lectures and presents internationally as invited speaker on the subject.)

1.   Does Homeopathy help autism and related disorders?

Yes – homeopathic treatment of those diagnosed with autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) can produce positive outcomes. Homeopathy stimulates and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal, and autism (along with its related neurodevelopmental, gastrointestinal and immune system symptoms) responds to homeopathy just as readily as simpler problems such as bruises and colds. There are some provisos though, and these are discussed below.

2.   Which homeopathic remedies treat autism?

There is no one remedy for autism. It depends entirely on the symptoms of the sufferer.

For example, a non-verbal child with acidic bowel motions needs a different remedy to non-verbal child with frothy, smelly, bowel motions. A child who tantrums with anxiety needs a different remedy to the one who tantrums when refused. A child frightened by animals needs a different remedy to the one frightened of the dark. Potential remedies are as numerous as the variations in presenting symptoms.

3.   What is needed for successful treatment?

Complex and long-standing problems such as autism are best managed by an experienced homeopath who knows how to choose:

  1. The right remedy for the presenting symptoms
  2. The right strength and frequency of dose for the person’s sensitivity to that remedy
  3. The correct changes in remedies, potencies (strengths) and dosages as symptoms improve during treatment.

With a little knowledge, simple problems such as bruises and colds can be easily be treated with homeopathy by parents in the home but for optimal results, autism is best managed by a qualified and experienced practitioner.

4.   How much improvement will I see?

Those who use homeopathy for autism generally see positive results not long after commencing treatment, sometimes within days. While some children completely lose their diagnosis within weeks to months, others make slow but steady gains over many years. Most, however, fall somewhere in between. How long it takes depends on the interplay of:

  1. The severity of symptoms
  2. The degree of irreversible damage
  3. The closeness of the match between the remedy and the person’s symptoms
  4. The skill and experience of the prescriber in choosing remedies and managing the changing symptoms as treatment progresses

The important thing to remember is that with good homeopathic prescribing, all children (and adults) with autism should notice obvious improvement.

5.   Does my child have to stop other treatments or supplements before starting homeopathy?

No. At the beginning of treatment it is best to keep everything the same, making it easy to see which changes are the result of homeopathy. With ongoing treatment you may then wish to reduce some or all other interventions and supplements but please speak with the relevant therapist first.

6.   Are there side-effects with homeopathic remedies?

As a general rule, no. However, sometimes symptoms may worsen for a short period after the remedy if the dose was too strong or repeated too often for the person’s sensitivity. This reaction is short-lived and is not toxic or harmful. It often provides helpful information on the direction of future treatment, so do note the details and pass them on to your homeopath.

7.   How are homeopathic remedies given?

Remedies are usually given by mouth in the form of sweet sugar pills or mild tasting liquid. Doses are small and infrequent and children love them – as do adults. While the sugar pills are especially pleasant, the strength and dose of liquid remedies is more easily adjusted to suit individual sensitivity so that a faster rate of improvement can be achieved.

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