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Homeopathy for Broken Bones and Radiation Exposure

xrayIt is said that, on average, a person will fracture a bone twice in their lifetime. Radiological examination, usually in the form of an x-ray, is used to guide to treatment – whether it is by a simple sling, plaster or surgery.

The problem with any form of radiation, necessary as it may be, is that it damages our chromosomes, leading to an increased risk of cancer later in life (this is why attendants during a radiological procedure avoid exposure by moving behind a protective barrier).

Exposure to radiation during investigative procedures not only happens with a broken bone – it can also happen unexpectedly with preparation for a hospital admission, during dental work or surgery, or as part an exploratory CT scan.

In all the above instances, homeopathy may be able to help with fracture healing or reducing the risk of chromosomal damage from radiation exposure. Studies and use in human subjects have shown that homeopathy relieves the pain of a fracture, stimulates bone growth and leads to better alignment. In animal models it has also provided a protective effect during exposure to radiation.

If you would like to read more of these instances, the following links provide introductory information:

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