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Homeopathy in 30 Days: Survey Responses

The below survey responses were collected from past participants in the Homeopathy in 30 Days course.

All responses were submitted anonymously and none have been edited.

(The Homeopathy in 30 Days course runs every third month throughout the year. The next course runs in March 2024. Further information on the course is available at: NEW MARCH COURSE! Homeopathy in 30 Days.)

What did you enjoy most about the course?

In response to this question, participants said:

Quizzes, Crosswords, Case studies (Jack & Jill, etc); great way of testing our comprehension . Discussion of the different remedies and links to Materia Medicas. cases with repertorizing. Opportunity of interaction with instructor (forum and zoom).”

“Very happy that I can learn how to prescribe homeopathy remedy for myself”

“EVERYTHING!!! The most important thing to me as a 3 year lay student was the introduction to repertorization. This was such a perfect introduction to get my feet wet in this daunting methodology. I appreciated so much the Quick Study or Deep Dive choices and loved getting the remedy references from three materia medicas plus videos. Another most valuable aspect of the course was the amount of reference tools you provided. The format of each lesson and the volume of information was such a gift and I highly, highly recommend this course to anyone interested in digging deeper to expand their knowledge base in homeopathy. Thank you so much. Well worth the investment :)”

“It was exhilarating and illuminating at the same time, learning about the remedies. I thought I knew quite a lot but quickly learnt that I have much more to do. I will slowly go through the rest of the remedies and hopefully finish the course over the next months. It has whetted my appetite for more learning, as I believe in the homeopathic way of healing.”

“It is a truly a great course and a lot of hard work and effort is put in to bringing it to fruition, thank you. Not sure what would be of benefit to the course as there are many instruments in place for us to have continued contact, which is up to each of us to pursue. The in-depth extra study seems to take up a lot more time than I had anticipated, and am not sure how one gets around this, except to keep plugging on. Again my grateful thanks for a great course.”

“Flexibility in how and when to study”

“I would say everything was given in good proportion; reading material, video and practice”

“All the great material and being able to interact with course instructors to ask questions at any time. Also enjoyed seeing everyone’s questions/answers in the forum. My favorite, even though I was unable to attend any of them in person were the zoom meetings. I loved the interaction everyone had and all the great questions/answers!”

“The tools and teaching of how to using a Repertory.”

“So much information which has has given me a greater understanding of Homeopathy”

“The course was just what I was looking for. As an introductory course I was afraid that it might be too simplistic, but you gave us plenty to deep dive. I also liked the variety of sources, videos for further study. Your website is very well done. Thank you for spreading this knowledge and keeping it alive. You will probably never know the full extent of your influence. I couldn’t be more excited about what I have learned and I look forward to putting it into good use. Thank you and all the best. Please let me know about future courses, chats, programs, etc.”

“Being new to homeopathy, I LOVED the entire course and learned A LOT! I did enjoy the quizzes, especially the crossword format. I will definitely be taking advantage of the generous offer to continue learning through the course upgrades. THANK YOU for allowing the continuing education for free! Most of the time, I was studying the Two-Hour Deep-Dive and found it to be very helpful, but a bit overwhelming, only because I kept going “deeper” (so that was actually, my doing, not the course…). I usually ended up spending 4 – 6 hours a day on the course, and LOVED it! I think the Forum is a great learning tool because I was able to see other perspectives and how to look at the cases differently. I have also been able to become more in “tune” with what my body is telling me and how to describe symptoms just by reading the cases, going through the repertory process and reading the Materia Medica.”

“Very valuable information, different ways of diagnosing & very interesting.”

“The weekly Zoom meetings provided a classroom type experience, which added a layer of further understanding through the additional information Fran shared as well as the questions asked by participants. The rest days with quizzes worked well and gave participants time to catch up and/or let the material soak in more fully. Also appreciated the information Fran explained in the lessons and through the forum.”

“The 3 levels of lesson, 5 min, 20 min, and 2 hours. If I had a busy day, I could look at the 5 minute lesson and come back later for more. I also liked the variety of teaching approaches, patients stories, tutorials, different repertories, quick tips, weekly zoom calls, Q and A opportunities. Excellent course!”

“So much information and the structure of learning was great. Fran is very knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. I loved the quiz’s, the zoom meetings, and the option to do extra reading/research.”

“I enjoyed the example stories, tests and practice. Especially being able to check answers. There was a lot of great information in the responses. I was also grateful that the forums remained usable after the course completed, and that the meetings were recorded.”

“I enjoyed the forum where we could post answers to the lessons and also questions on whatever topic we liked.”

“studying and learning about a subject that I care about and find extremely interesting. I am grateful and appreciate that you are creating this opportunity by the course. It was all very interesting, I thought the questions we had to answer were provoking and stimulating, the format of the course was well organized. Although not physically present Fran had a very strong presence, I could feel her support, kindness and patience attending the students questions and needs.”

“Everything , I enjoyed it very much and sad that’s it’s now finished”

“The depth of information was fantastic and the interactive nature was really helpful. It was also of huge comfort at the moment to be in a safe place of like minded people seeking greater understanding of health. It was positive, empowering and uplifting to learn a new skill that can help my family with more choices for health. It really helped me mentally and emotionally to do something like this at this time. I was very grateful for it.”

“Fran is amazing. She has extensive knowledge and experience in Homeopathy. Her clear and succinct explanation was delightful. I took other homeopathy course in other place and it was not clear at all.”

“The vast amount of knowledge and different modalities, videos, materia medica, news articles of interest”

“The materials to read are wonderful. Thank you too for the organization of the material.”

Information on the Course

The Homeopathy in 30 Days course runs every third month throughout the year. The next course runs in March 2024. Further information on the course is available at: NEW MARCH COURSE! Homeopathy in 30 Days. We hope you join us!