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Know Your Remedies: Drosera Rotundifolia (Dros.)

Homeopathic remedies, such as Drosera, can be helpful for a range of problemsCommon Names: Round-leaved sundew; common sundew.

General Information

Drosera Rotundifolia is a carnivorous plant which traps insects by its sticky tentacles and then extracts nutrients from their bodies by dissolving them with enzymes. When potentised, Drosera becomes a significant homeopathic remedy for various types of coughs, and especially whooping cough. In addition, it’s a useful remedy for breathlessness and types of bone or “growing” pains, both of which are worse after midnight. Those who need Drosera may also have a family or personal history of tuberculosis.

Mental-emotional Symptoms

  • Restless, stubborn, and suspicious.
  • Difficult concentration with restlessness.
  • Easily angered.
  • Feels persecuted by others, or that others can’t be trusted.
  • Anxiety when alone.
  • Fear of ghosts.

Cough and Respiratory Problems

  • Cough as soon as head touches the pillow.
  • Paroxysmal, spasmodic cough.
  • Unable to catch breath with cough.
  • Cough with retching and vomiting.
  • Cough so severe that it triggers nosebleeds.
  • Constriction in throat on talking.
  • Cough from irritation in the larynx.
  • Cold sweat with cough
  • Asthma with a history of tuberculosis.

Musculoskeletal Problems

  • Writer’s cramp.
  • Spasm in fingers when grasping something.
  • Growing pains with restlessness.
  • Joint problems or joint pain when other Drosera symptoms also present.

For Pets

  • Cough with gagging or retching.
  • Kennel cough in dogs.

Where do I find it?

Drosera Rotundifolia (Dros.) is available from our online store as a single remedy, and as part of the following Complex (combination remedy): Cough – Dry.


While above self-limiting or acute complaints are suitable for home treatment also contact your healthcare provider during emergency situations or if symptoms worsen or fail to improve. Chronic or persistent complaints, which may or may not be mentioned above, require a different treatment and dosage protocol so are best managed by a qualified homeopath for good results.

Dosage Instructions (suitable for babies to adults)

For the home treatment of acute and self-limiting complaints take one pill or five drops of the remedy every 1 minute to 4 hours (1 minute for intense or emergency symptoms (plus seek emergency help), 4 hours for milder ones). Once an improvement is noticed, stop dosing and repeat the remedy only if symptoms return. If there is no improvement at all by three doses, choose a different remedy or seek professional guidance.

Note: Chronic symptoms or complaints require a course of professional treatment by a qualified homeopath to manage the changes in potencies and remedies that may be required.

More Information

Guidelines on which potency to use