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Know Your Remedies: Lac Caninum (Lac-C.)

Know Your Remedies: Lac Caninum (Lac-C.) 1

Common Names: Canine (dog) milk.

General Information

Milk remedies – cow, rabbit, human, and more – play an important role in homeopathy, and Lac Caninum, prepared from canine (dog) milk, is one of them. The person needing Lac Caninum lacks confidence and will often make mistakes while writing or speaking. Physical symptoms change from side to side and food cravings or desires focus on salt, pungent things, spices, alcohol and warm drinks. They’re inclined to be warm-blooded and bothered by the heat.

Mental-emotional Symptoms

  • Low self-confidence and poor self-esteem – think they are of little importance.
  • Overexcited and oversensitive.
  • Sensitive and aggressive about perceived insults. May curse or become malicious, rude, or hysterical.
  • Fears and anxieties arising from imaginings and hallucinations.
  • Fearful of snakes or vermin. Hallucinations or dreams of rats or vermin.
  • Frequent desire to wash hands.


  • Sensation as if feet not touching the ground and as if floating in the air.


  • Headache that moves from side to side.


  • Pharyngitis with pain that changes sides.
  • Throat pain extending to the ears.
  • Throat pain relieved by cold drinks.

Breast Problems

  • Swollen breasts before menstrual periods.

Leg Problems

  • Heat and sensitivity of the feet. Uncovers feet.


  • Sensation as if insects crawling on skin


  • Sleeps on back with one leg pulled up and the foot resting on the opposite knee.
  • Sleeps on left side with one knee pulled up, almost to the face.

Where do I find it?

Lac Caninum (Lac-c.) is available from our online store as a single remedy in either pills or liquid.


While above self-limiting or acute complaints are suitable for home treatment, also contact your healthcare provider during emergency situations or if symptoms worsen or fail to improve. Chronic or persistent complaints, which may or may not be mentioned above, require a different treatment and dosage protocol so are best managed by a qualified homeopath for good results.

Dosage Instructions (suitable for babies to adults)

For acute and self-limiting complaints, take one pill or five drops of the remedy every 1 to 4 hours (1 hour for intense symptoms, 4 hours for milder ones). Once an improvement is noticed, stop dosing and repeat the remedy only if symptoms return. If there is no improvement at all by three doses, choose a different remedy or seek professional guidance. Chronic symptoms or complaints require a course of professional treatment to manage the changes in potencies and remedies that will be required.

More Information

Guidelines on which potency to use

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