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Simplex Remedies – Pills (C to F)

Price: $16.00AU a vial. Each vial contains approximately 100 pills (1 pill per dose).

Flat rate shipping of $7.20AU to anywhere in the world – no matter how many items or how far (book purchases excluded from this offer).

Pills A-B | Pills C-F | Pills G-M | Pills N-R | Pills S-Z

Name Abbrev Potency Price Order
Cactus grandiflorus Cact. 30C $16.00AU
Cadmium iodatum Cact. 30C $16.00AU
Cadmium sulphuricum Cact. 30C $16.00AU
Caladium Calad. 30C $16.00AU
Calcarea carbonica Calc. 30C $16.00AU
Calcarea fluorica (tissue salt / celloid) Calc-f. 6X $16.00AU
Calcarea fluorica Calc-f. 30C $16.00AU
Calcarea phosphorica Calc-p. 30C $16.00AU
Calcarea sulphuricum Calc-s. 30C $16.00AU
Calcarea sulphuricum (tissue salt / celloid) Calc-s. 6X $16.00AU
Calendula officinalis Calen. 30C $16.00AU
Camphora Camph. 30C $16.00AU
Candida albicans Candi. 30C $16.00AU
Cantharis Canth. 30C $16.00AU
Carbo vegetabilis Carb-v. 30C $16.00AU
Carbolicum acidum Carb-ac. 30C $16.00AU
Carcinosin Carc. 30C $16.00AU
Caulophyllum Caul. 30C $16.00AU
Caulophyllum Caul. 200C $16.00AU
Causticum Caust. 30C $16.00AU
Chamomilla Cham. 30C $16.00AU
Chelidonium majus Chel. 30C $16.00AU
China officinalis (Cinchona) Chin. 30C $16.00AU
Cicuta virosa Cic. 30C $16.00AU
Cimicifuga racemosa Cimic. 30C $16.00AU
Cimicifuga racemosa Cimic. 200C $16.00AU
Cina Cina. 30C $16.00AU
Cinchona (China officinalis) Chin. 30C $16.00AU
Clematis erecta Clem. 30C $16.00AU
Coca Coca. 30C $16.00AU
Cocculus Cocc. 30C $16.00AU
Coccus cacti Coc-c. 30C $16.00AU
Coffea cruda Coff. 30C $16.00AU
Colchicum autumnale Colch. 30C $16.00AU
Collinsonia canadensis Coll. 30C $16.00AU
Colocynthis Coloc. 30C $16.00AU
Crotalus horridus Crot-h. 30C $16.00AU
Croton tiglium Crot-t. 30C $16.00AU
Cuprum metallicum Cupr. 30C $16.00AU
Cyclamen europaeum Cycl. 30C $16.00AU
Psorinum Psor. 30C $16.00AU
Drosera rotundifolia Dros. 30C $16.00AU
Dulcamara Dulc. 30C $16.00AU
Equisetum hyemale Equis. 30C $16.00AU
Eupatorium perfoliatum Eup-per. 30C $16.00AU
Euphrasia Euphr. 30C $16.00AU
Ferrum metallicum Ferr. 30C $16.00AU
Ferrum phosphoricum (tissue salt / celloid) Ferr-p. 6X $16.00AU
Ferrum phosphoricum Ferr-p. 30C $16.00AU





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