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Preventing Chikungunya – Consider homeopathy

mosquito_zps24185751Australians holidaying in Bali and other Asian countries are returning home in record numbers with the mosquito borne disease Chikungunya. In 2012 only 19 case were reported, but this year there are already 107 and the concern is that the disease may soon spread to Australia.

Did you know that homeopathy is already being used to treat and prevent this disease in several countries where it is endemic? We first reported on this in early 2012:

According to WHO, Chikungunya is a viral disease spread by mosquitoes and predominantly found in Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It causes debilitating fever, severe muscle and joint pain, headache, rash, nausea and fatigue. There is no vaccine or cure, just treatment of symptoms during a recovery phase that lasts for many months.

In Australia the symptoms are often mistaken for Dengue fever or Ross River virus, but are much more severe and debilitating.

So, if you reside in or are travelling to a country in which Chikungunya is endemic, it would also be wise to consider homeopathy.

More Information: Homeopathy Prevents Chikungunya in Kerala

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