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Airport X-Rays and Remedies

Checkpoint in airport. X-ray scan detector metal.

Question: Not so long ago I purchased a kit of homeopathic remedies. Just recently I noticed there is a “Do not X-ray” label on the box. We have travelled on planes with this kit several times now and each time our luggage has obviously been x-rayed. This is something we can’t avoid. What should we do?

Answer: No need to worry – your remedies should still be in good condition.

Manufacturers and homeopaths are often overly cautious about what damages the subtle energy of homeopathic remedies.  This is because research into what does and doesn’t affect them has been limited. As a result, past recommendations were that they shouldn’t be scanned or x-rayed at airports.

Fortunately, recent research shows that airport x-rays and red barcode scanners don’t have any effect on remedies.

Other things such as the emissions from mobile phones and microwave ovens do, however. You can read the research and its findings at: Tadpole Research