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Q. What is Tautopathy?

Q. What is Tautopathy? 1

Tautopathy, a sub-branch of isopathy (‘same disease’). It is a similar approach to homeopathy (‘similar disease’) in that it uses low-risk, potentised remedies prepared from conventional medicines, vaccines, or poisons in an attempt to prevent or relieve harmful reactions caused by those same substances.

Tautopathy differs from homeopathy in that the potentised remedy is prepared from the same drug, vaccine, or poison that caused the problem; the sufferer’s presenting symptoms are of little importance in choosing the remedy.

In contrast, the presenting symptoms of the unwell person are of primary importance in homeopathy and the remedy will chosen to match those symptoms irrespective of what caused them.

Tautopathic examples include: potentised antibiotics for the ill-effects of antibiotics; potentised steroids for the ill-effects of steroid medications; potentised vaccines for the ill-effects of vaccines, and so on.

While tautopathy is quick, simple approach that has been shown to reduce the adverse effects of various toxins, homeopathy is a considered approach that concurrently treats underlying susceptibility as well as side-effects.

Both have a role to play in the treatment and prevention of problems arising from drugs, vaccines, and poisons.

Dosage Recommendations for the Tautopathic Approach

The following recommendations for 30C potencies are provided. (Lower potencies may need more frequent repetition while higher potencies may need a less frequent repetition.)

Tautopathy should not be relied upon as a way to control all adverse side-effects- only complete avoidance of the harmful substance can promise that. Tautopathy is best used when when avoidance of the harmful substance is impossible or when an adverse event has already occurred.

Prevention: Take one dose of the tautopathic remedy before the exposure, and then dose three times a day for up to three days following the exposure.

Treatment: On immediate or recent exposure, dose 3 times a day for up to three days and then reassess symptoms for the need for ongoing treatment. For persistent symptoms from a past or historical exposure, professional assessment and management with a qualified homeopath is recommended.

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