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The Wrong Remedy!

The Wrong Remedy! 2A: In most instances, nothing.

Unlike chemically-based medicines, homeopathy doesn’t poison or produce toxic side-effects.

It’s remedies are drug-free ‘energy’ medicines which use the subtle bio-energy of the body to safely stimulate a healing response.

When the energy of the remedy matches that of the unwell person, a resonance takes place that stimulates the body to heal more quickly and strongly than it normally would. Because there are no chemicals involved, toxic side-effects are avoided.

So, even if the wrong remedy is taken – one that doesn’t match the person’s symptoms – the most likely outcome is that nothing will happen. The person won’t get better but they won’t get worse.

The only time a short-lived “aggravation” will be noticed is when:

  1. The remedy is a close match to the person’s symptoms but the dose is too frequent or too strong for what is needed
  2. The remedy is not an especially good match for the person’s symptoms but close enough to trigger a response

In either case, any symptoms produced are generally mild, non-toxic and don’t last long.

In the first instance, if you stop dosing, a rapid improvement will follow the aggravation. The remedy should only be repeated when improvement stalls or symptoms start to return – and then in a gentler dose.

In the second instance, the settling aggravation will not be followed by an improvement in the pre-existing symptoms as it was not a close enough match to trigger the necessary healing response – a better matching remedy should be chosen.

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