Q. Why does a good remedy stop working?

ConfusedA. The two main reasons why a good remedy stops working after several weeks or months of improvement are:

1. A new or different potency is needed. The symptoms show that the same remedy is still needed but, for want of better words, the body has built up a tolerance to that particular potency. A new potency of the same remedy (higher or lower – just as long as it is different) will restart improvement.

2. A different remedy is needed. It may be that the first remedy was a partial but not a complete match for person’s symptoms and has now done all the good it can do. It may also be that the person’s ill-health has built up in layers – like the layers of an onion – and the first remedy has removed the top layer of symptoms but now a new remedy is needed for the new and different layer of emerging symptoms.

Homeopaths prescribe remedies that match and mimics the unique symptoms of the individual to stimulate the self-healing efforts of the body. When symptoms change, the remedy also has to be changed to match these ongoing healing healing efforts.

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