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Easy Homeopathy Seminars – Join Us Or Get the DVDs

Discover homeopathy – what it is and how to use it.

The ever-popular Easy Homeopathy Seminars are running again BUT this year, 2019, will be the very last time they run on the Central Coast – don’t miss this final opportunity!

Learn how to manage your family’s:

  • First aid and sporting injuries,
  • Common ailments and illnesses,
  • Emotional upsets, behavioural problems and learning difficulties.

Easy Homeopathy Seminars - Join Us Or Get the DVDs 7

Register here.

View or download the PDF flyer (page 1 and 2) with further information about the Seminars, and answers to frequently asked questions about the Seminars.

Want to attend but too far away? Register at our ‘Unable to Attend’ link and we will notify you when recordings and DVDs are available.

Seminar 1: Fundamentals, First Aid and Sports Injuries

Homeopathy is great for first aid situations – it’s quick, easy and effective. Learn how to use it for bruises, sprains, strains, shock, cuts, scrapes, puncture wounds, bites, stings – and, our favourite use, the pain of a finger jammed in a door! This session also covers when homeopathy was discovered, how it differs from conventional medicine, and how to use the remedies.

Seminar 2: Coughs, Colds and Other Common Complaints

Homeopathy relieves everyday sicknesses quickly and safely. Learn how to use it for problems such as earaches, colds, aches, hay fever, infections, hangovers, indigestion, motion sickness, food poisoning, nausea, vomiting, and more. Find out how the remedies are made, what they are made from, and when and how to give a dose.

Seminar 3: Emotional Issues, Behavioural Problems and Learning Difficulties

Homeopathy brings balance to the way we think and feel. It relieves jealousy, anxiety, temper tantrums, depression, fear, grief, lack of confidence and other emotional issues along with troubling physical complaints. It’s also one of the best therapies for children with behavioural problems and learning disorders. Homeopathy benefits the whole family.

Want to attend but too far away? Register at our ‘Unable to Attend’ link and we will notify you when recordings and DVDs are available.

Meet the Presenter

Easy Homeopathy Seminars - Join Us Or Get the DVDs 8Fran Sheffield (MHlthScEd, MAAPH, AROH Reg) is a homeopath with 25 years experience in clinical practice and homeopathic education. She has qualifications in Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Science Education and is the senior homeopath and educator at Homeopathy Plus. Fran has been engaged at state and national levels in homeopathic curriculum design and delivery, and the mentoring and supervision of homeopathic students and practitioners. She has also presented at national and international conferences as a keynote and invited speaker, and regularly runs community workshops on how to use homeopathy for friends, family and pets.

Two Venues – Two Dates

Venue 1: Breakers Country Club | 64 Dover Road, Wamberal, NSW. (CLOSED FOR REGISTRATIONS)

Wednesday, 5th June, 2019. (Map) 


Venue 2: Mingara Recreation Club | 12-14 Mingara Drive, Tumbi Umbi, NSW. (REGISTRATIONS STILL OPEN)
Saturday, 15th June, 2019. (Map) 

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm (Registration from 8.30am.)Easy Homeopathy Seminars - Join Us Or Get the DVDs 9

Seminar 1:  Basics and First Aid – $25.00.

Seminar 2: Coughs, Colds, and More – $25.00

Seminar 3: Emotional Issues – $25.00.

All Three Seminars – $60.00


Registration Fees

$25.00 per Seminar or $60.00 for all three

Fee Includes

Study notes, morning tea, and complimentary take-home remedies (valued at $85.50) so that you can ‘learn and try’.


Morning tea is provided between the first and second Seminars. Purchase your lunch from one of the food outlets at each venue or choose to bring your own.


Click here to read an FAQ with answers to common questions about the event.

Registrations Open… Book Now!

So, grab a friend or three and come and join us.

Register by clicking on the buttons below or phone 02 4304 0822 and we’ll make your booking for you.

Wanting to split the Seminars between the two venues? Phone us for this option and we’ll organise it for you.

A tax invoice and further information will be sent by email (or mail if requested) following your registration.

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What Others Have Said

The flow of the subjects was wonderful. Fran was so concise and really interesting to listen to.

I’ve been using homeopathy with 3 children, numerous pets, and 1 husband for 37 years. It’s saved us from making trips to the doctor and hospital many times. I know it works. Wouldn’t be without it.

I am so fortunate to of been part of this amazing seminar.

Wow! I had no idea I could use homeopathy for so many things. Think of all the sleepless nights I could have avoided when my children were little.

Unable to Attend?

Want to attend but too far away? Register at our ‘Unable to Attend’ link and we will notify you when recordings and DVDs are available.

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