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Homeopathy - Why are they so worried? 1

Homeopathy – Why are they so worried?

On the 16th October The National, a Canadian TV news show, ran a story titled, “Worries about homeopathic treatments”. Homeopaths watched the biased, inaccurate and misleading report in disbelief. The …

Brain injury - Homeopathy helps 2

Brain injury – Homeopathy helps

Recent research shows increased rates of dementia, depression and suicide in ex-footballers who have had frequent blows to the head during their sport. One news report says: “The evidence from …

Farm Homeopathy – What the Farmers Say 4

Farm Homeopathy – What the Farmers Say

Here’s a fascinating newsletter from Farm Homeopathy. It’s opening paragraph says: “Because there is nothing in it and there is no possible explanation for its action it is widely understood …

Treating a sick lionhead Goldfish

Sami writes: I have a problem with my lionhead Goldfish. She’s very sick with Fin rot and white dot appears on her head and close to eye. I think it …

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