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Know Your Remedy: Ipecacuanha (Ip) 1

Know Your Remedy: Ipecacuanha (Ip)

Ipecac was used to cause vomiting after poisoning. Homeopathically it treats vomiting when accompanied by pain, bleeding, asthma or bronchitis.

'Small' Remedy Cases 2

‘Small’ Remedy Cases

A doctor shares cases in which lesser known remedies were successfully used for asthma, heel pain, a deltoid muscle tear, itchiness, and more.

Homeopathy and Breathing 4

Homeopathy and Breathing

Asthma symptoms differ from person to person and episode to episode. Homeopathy targets these differences – anxiety, coughing spells, stomach upsets, and more.

Homeopathy for asthma-like symptoms? 5

Homeopathy for asthma-like symptoms?

Dr. Zubin Dehmeri provides a quick rundown on asthma and then lists 14 homeopathic remedies traditionally used for asthma-like symptoms. Once again, the symptom profile of the remedy has to …

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