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Tutorial 10 - Direction of Cure 1

Tutorial 10 – Direction of Cure

Palliation or suppression gradually weakens vitality and leads to deteriorating health. Learn about the ‘direction of cure’ and how to tell when deep healing is truly taking place.

Know Your Remedy: Ipecacuanha (Ip) 2

Know Your Remedy: Ipecacuanha (Ip)

In past times, Ipecac was used to cause vomiting after poisoning. Homeopathically it now treats vomiting accompanied by pain, bleeding, asthma or bronchitis

Study: Homeopathy for Allergies 7

Study: Homeopathy for Allergies

Treatment of asthma, eczema, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, food allergies and other allergies by these homeopathic remedies reduced symptoms and treatment costs.

Homeopathy and Asthma 8

Homeopathy and Asthma

Remedies for asthma-like symptoms? A doctor shares his list that covers chest tightness, coughing, wheezing, tickling, rattling, and other related symptoms.

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