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Q. Doses for babies, doses for adults: is there a difference?

People are often surprised to learn that babies, children and adults can all have the same sized dose of a remedy without any risk of toxic effects or addiction.This is because homeopathy is an energetic rather than a chemical system of medicine that doesn’t poison or create dependency no matter how large the dose is.

Homeopathy Helps Infant Colic

Homeopathy helps the intensely irritable baby who only settles when carried, the one that helps when colic is better for pressure on the tummy and passing wind . 

Homeopathy saved my son’s life

Blast from the past: Read what Roger Daltrey had to say about homeopathy… and to Prince Charles. He starts with: “I had a very, very dramatic experience with my son …

Sore and Sticky Eyes of Infants

Sticky and infected eyes are a common complaint in babies. Unless the problem is serious, the usual advice is to regularly wipe the affected eye with a clean swab moistened …

Childhood Cancer

Homeopathy is more frequently used in the treatment of childhood cancer in Germany than any other complementary therapy.