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Homeopathic Doses for All Ages

A happy little boy taking homeopathic drops

Question: Directions say that an adult should take one pill, or 5 drops (or something similiar) of a homeopathic remedy but what about a baby or small child? How much should they be given?

A. People are often surprised to learn that babies, children and adults can all have the same sized dose of a remedy without any risk of toxic effects or addiction.

This is because homeopathy is an energetic rather than a chemical system of medicine that doesn’t poison or create dependency no matter how large the dose is.

While chemical components of conventional medicines can be halved or quartered by changing the size of the dose, the energetic information within a remedy is virtually the same whether one drop is given or twenty, one pill or five.

For this reason a small animal or baby can have the same sized dose as a large adult and still do well. (See the story of Actium the budgerigar as and example who was treated with doses that would have been just as effective in an adult.)

Occasionally, a person may experience a short-lived ‘aggravation’ to a remedy but this effect is related to their sensitivity rather than the age or size of the individual. It is easily managed by diluting the remedy further. (Read Tutorial 15 for more information on sensitivity and aggravations).

Instructions on some ‘over the counter’remedies or from some homeopaths often state that babies and children should be given a smaller dose but this is to meet consumer expectations or matters of convenience – people expect babies to be given a smaller dose and it is much easier to give a baby a few drops rather than 2ml of a remedy.