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Somi – An Aggressive Child 1

Somi – An Aggressive Child

Somi was an angry 7-year-old facing expulsion from school. His mother was at her wits end and decided to try homeopathy. Here’s what happened next.

Angie's Belladonna Flu 2

Angie’s Belladonna Flu

The flu hit Angie fast. Her high fever, throbbing headache, glistening eyes, hot flushed face, and rapid onset suited Belladonna. Here’s what happened next.

Know Your Remedies: Belladonna (Bell.) 3

Know Your Remedies: Belladonna (Bell.)

During a Belladonna fever the throat and mouth will be dry, hands and feet cold, and the rest of the body hot to the touch. Hallucinations may also be present.

Three ways we can help.