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Homeopathy for Brian 1

Homeopathy for Brian

At 65 years of age, Brian was suffering from crippling anxiety, bloating, colic, profuse sweating, dry flaking skin, back pain and poor sleep. One remedy made a big difference.

Help for Lactose Intolerance 3

Help for Lactose Intolerance

Homeopathy has many remedies for milk sensitivity and intolerance but before they can be effective the remedy must match the symptoms of the sufferer. Here’s 5 of many possibilities.

Nutmeg as the homeopathic remedy, Nux Moschata (Nux-m.)

Know Your Remedies: Nux Moschata (Nux-m.)

Who would have thought that common nutmeg, a spice regularly used for culinary purposes, could treat symptoms such as confusion and sleepiness when potentised into a remedy?

Eat Easy 4

Eat Easy

Contains remedies commonly used to reduce the symptoms of over-indulgence such as heartburn, indigestion, bloating and flatulence. Quantity:  

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