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Dyshidrosis helped by homeopathy - Betty's Story 1

Dyshidrosis helped by homeopathy – Betty’s Story

Life was difficult for Betty because of the painful and itchy blisters on her fingers and palms. She only noticed a true improvement when she saw a homeopath.

Remedies For Disasters (Part 2) 2

Remedies For Disasters (Part 2)

Once the immediate threat is over, anger, accusations, grief and ongoing fear grip many. Raw emotions may bubble to the surface. Superficial injuries now need attention.

Know Your Remedies: Pyrogenium (Pyrog.) 3

Know Your Remedies: Pyrogenium (Pyrog.)

It's no surprise that a remedy originally prepared from rotting meat is now used for severe infections with putrid and offensive discharges. For some, it has literally been a life-saver.