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High Blood Pressure Remedies 2

High Blood Pressure Remedies

A doctor discusses 13 remedies out of many he uses for hypertension. Answers to questions are provided including how homeopathy is integrated with conventional treatments.

Study: Arnica and UV Damage 4

Study: Arnica and UV Damage

Many know of Arnica’s benefits following a bruise or injury but who knew it could repair genetic damage from the sun’s ultra-violet radiation – at least in bacteria?

Homeopathy in Mental Health 6

Homeopathy in Mental Health

Homeopathy helps mental-emotional imbalances as well as physical problems so it is especially heartening when a psychiatrist urges it use in his profession.

Mastitis: Why homeopathy? 7

Mastitis: Why homeopathy?

The conventional and homeopathic treatment options for mastitis are compared. Useful remedies and related research is included. 

Do Antibiotics Make People Fat? 8

Do Antibiotics Make People Fat?

Could antibiotics be contributing to the obesity epidemic? Very likely according to recent research but other options, including homeopathy exist for acute and recurrent infections.

Homeopathy for multiple health problems 9

Homeopathy for multiple health problems

Do you have not just one, not just two, but three or more health problems bothering you? If your answer is “Yes!”, don’t despair just yet. A recent study showed …

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