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Homeopathy for multiple health problems

Do you have not just one, not just two, but three or more health problems bothering you? If your answer is “Yes!”, don’t despair just yet. A recent study showed …

The man with his head in an invisible vice

Dr Phil Whitaker tells an interesting story in the New Statesman about the unusual and seemingly untreatable symptoms of one of his patients – and what eventually resolved them. He …

Mastitis: Why homeopathy?

Treatment options for mastitis are compared and homeopathic remedies with their matching symptoms – 
throbbing pain. cracking, fever, chills, and others – are listed.

Homeopathy helps 80 % of leprosy patients

The Times of India (Jan 31, 2014) reports that homeopathy has restored sensation to over 80% of 2,700 leprosy sufferers during a recent pilot project . The participants had been …