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Emergency First-aid Remedies 1

Emergency First-aid Remedies

9 remedies covering coughs, frozen shoulder, burns, bee stings, soft tissue injury, infected wounds and more make highly useful additions to your first-aid kit.

Homeopathic Help for Coughs 2

Homeopathic Help for Coughs

Using homeopathy successfully for coughs depends on understanding the cause and nature of the symptoms. This doctor helps you become a better “cough prescriber”. 

Homeopathy for kids 4

Homeopathy for kids

A doctor recommends six remedies for parents to have on hand for childhood colds, flus and sniffles. How many are in your home medicine cabinet? 

Remedies for Coughs and Sniffles 5

Remedies for Coughs and Sniffles

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases but the right homeopathic remedy stops them in their tracks. A pharmacist shares her favourite ones for these and other winter maladies

Homeopathy A to Z

A lot of the homeopathy books I come across are either too short to be useful, or are written in a way that only a homeopath could understand. This book …

Special Dry and Loose Cough Combos!

Our popular ‘Cough’ offers are back. Purchase Dry and Loose Cough Complexes either in Combos or as individual bottles.Each complex comes in a compact 20ml dropper bottle and contains 120 …

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