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Cough – Homeopathic Indications

Homeopathy has lots of remedies for coughs but without knowing what they sound like, how do you choose? This doctor generously demonstrates them for you. 

Know Your Remedies: Coccus Cacti (Coc-c.)

Coccus cacti is a remedy for types of cough, including whooping cough, that are accompanied by thick or stringy discharges from mucous membranes. Symptoms are worse in Winter.

Emergency First-aid Remedies

9 remedies covering coughs, frozen shoulder, burns, bee stings, soft tissue injury, infected wounds and more make highly useful additions to your first-aid kit.

Stop that Barking Cough

There are many different types of cough and you can hear them all during winter – tickley coughs, dry coughs, chesty coughs, croupy coughs – but they all have one thing in common; they cause distress and discomfort to the sufferer (not to mention the listener!) They lead to irritability, sore muscles, and lack of sleep.The correct homeopathic remedy, however, can bring rapid relief. It can also resolve the underlying cause of the cough.

Homeopathy for kids

A doctor recommends six remedies for parents to have on hand for childhood colds, flus and sniffles. How many are in your home medicine cabinet? 

Remedies for Coughs and Sniffles

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases but the right homeopathic remedy stops them in their tracks. A pharmacist shares her favourite ones for these and other winter maladies

Homeopathy A to Z

A lot of the homeopathy books I come across are either too short to be useful, or are written in a way that only a homeopath could understand. This book …

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