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Homeopathy a Placebo on the Farm? 2

Homeopathy a Placebo on the Farm?

“One argument in favor of the true healing power of homeopathy — one that I’ve never heard countered by the skeptics — is the success of homeopathic remedies in treating animals. Even the Queen of England likes to treat her pet Corgis with homeopathy!”

Shakespeare recommended homeopathy 3

Shakespeare recommended homeopathy

Most people only think of little bottles of sugar pills and liquids when they think of homeopathy, but the homeopathic effect has been recognised and used in a variety of …

Revealed: How to Cure a Hangover 4

Revealed: How to Cure a Hangover

A recent article discussed common ways to cure a hangover… but they obviously don’t know about homeopathy! They list potential cures as water, ginger ale, honey, toast, fruit, vitamins, analgesia, …

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