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Cardiologist Uses Homeopathy 1

Cardiologist Uses Homeopathy

An integrative cardiologist uses 100% homeopathic medicine in her practice and says that potentially dangerous drugs are often given when not needed

Homeopathy on the Farm 2

Homeopathy on the Farm

Homeopathy at Wellie Level (HAWL) in the UK teaches the responsible use of homeopathy on the farm. Their newsletter contains a mix of homeopathic information and stories.

Homeopathy changes brain activity 4

Homeopathy changes brain activity

Researchers, using an electroencephalogram (EEG), have measured changes in brain activity after test subjects were given a homeopathic remedy for stress. The changes were similar to those seen with related …

What WHO Has To Say About Homeopathy 5

What WHO Has To Say About Homeopathy

Did you know that at various times the WHO (World Health Organisation) has supported the use of homeopathy for both humans and animals? Homeopathy is truly versatile!

Homeopathic Firsts 6

Homeopathic Firsts

Something for the history buffs; homeopathy is responsible for many firsts. Within one lifetime, its founder, Samuel Hahnemann, discovered and developed this complete system of medicine with core principles of …

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