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Video: Epidemics and Cuba 1

Video: Epidemics and Cuba

“Homeopathy and Epidemics, taken from the feature film Magic Pills, shows how homeopathy was used in 2007 and 2008 to stop a rapidly escalating epidemic in only 2 weeks.”

Homeopathy for Malaria Research 4

Homeopathy for Malaria Research

A list of seven papers on homeopathy for malaria demonstrate why it is still being used by governments to provide relief and protection during malaria epidemics.

Homeopathy and Epidemics 5

Homeopathy and Epidemics

From malaria, influenza and Ebola to bird flu, parvo, and foot and mouth, epidemic diseases plague animals and humans alike. Treatment and control can be challenging but this vet explains how he manages two of the canine ones with homeopathy.

Guidelines for Epidemics 6

Guidelines for Epidemics

In India the government uses homeopathy to treat and prevent epidemics. This Guidelines for Epidemic Management in Homoeopathy document sets out their best practice in this area.

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