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Killed by Homeopathy?

We came across a statement that stated mathematician, philosopher and logician, George Boogle, was “in all probability killed by homeopathy”. We just had to read further!

Wikipedia founder wants to stop homeopathy

Summary: When a pharmacist recommended a popular potentised remedy for Jimmy Wale’s sore throat the Wikipedia founder went on a public forum, Quora, and vented his hatred of homeopathy and …

How Homeopathy Cured Me

Read one person’s treatment journey for their troubling eczema. It began with suppression by steroids and antihistamines to eventual cure with homeopathy.

George Bernard & Homeopathy

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright and Nobel Prize winner for Literature in 1925. He was also a strong advocate and defender of homeopathy. 

Abraham Lincoln a Supporter

Did you know Abraham Lincoln was a huge supporter of homeopathy? So were many of his advisers. Read about early American homeopathy and AMA hostility toward it.

Annabel Croft Uses Homeopathy

It is always interesting when well-known people or celebrities tell how they use homeopathy. Such is the case with professional tennis player and busy mum, Annabel Croft.

Shampoo, Hair and Homeopathy

This article covers a topic that would seem to have little to do with homeopathy – shampoo and hair – but Included is a list of hair problems and matching homeopathic remedies.

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