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George Bernard & Homeopathy 2

George Bernard & Homeopathy

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright and Nobel Prize winner for Literature in 1925. He was also a strong advocate of homeopathy.

A Short History of Homeopathy In India 3

A Short History of Homeopathy In India

During the past 200 years, homeopathy has flourished in India. It is recognised and funded by government and has broad usage across all sectors of the populace.

How Homeopathy Cured Me 4

How Homeopathy Cured Me

Read one person’s treatment journey with their troubling eczema. It began with suppression by steroids and antihistamines to eventual cure with homeopathy.

Wikipedia founder wants to stop homeopathy 5

Wikipedia founder wants to stop homeopathy

Summary: When a pharmacist recommended a popular potentised remedy for Jimmy Wale’s sore throat the Wikipedia founder went on a public forum, Quora, and vented his hatred of homeopathy and …

Abraham Lincoln a Supporter 7

Abraham Lincoln a Supporter

Did you know Abraham Lincoln was a huge supporter of homeopathy? So were many of his advisers. Read about early American homeopathy and AMA hostility toward it.

Annabel Croft Uses Homeopathy 8

Annabel Croft Uses Homeopathy

It is always interesting when well-known people or celebrities tell how they use homeopathy. Such is the case with professional tennis player and busy mum, Annabel Croft.

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