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Collapsed Lung and Homeopathy 1

Collapsed Lung and Homeopathy

Max had been in hospital for six months. What started off as a ‘simple heart attack’ led to other problems and ongoing deterioration. Surgeons wanted to operate.

Homeopathy Hospital Cases 2

Homeopathy Hospital Cases

What’s it like working at a busy homeopathic hospital? This doctor tells of complex organ failure treatment and cases in which by-pass surgery was avoided.

Homeopathy saved my son’s life 3

Homeopathy saved my son’s life

Blast from the past: Read what Roger Daltrey had to say about homeopathy… and to Prince Charles. He starts with: “I had a very, very dramatic experience with my son …

Case series: Homeopathy in emergency medicine 5

Case series: Homeopathy in emergency medicine

Homeopathy is best known for its treatment of acute and chronic disease but it also has a lot to offer emergency medicine; the correct remedy acts with remarkable speed in life-threatening situations. …

Save the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital 6

Save the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital

Plans are in place to cut funding to the historic Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital. This hospital is known world-wide for helping many with chronic disease when conventional treatments had failed them. …

Homeopathy - Popular In India 7

Homeopathy – Popular In India

Some interesting stats on homeopathy in India from 2011: Its popularity is second only to France The homeopathic market is growing by 30% each year Over 100 million people are …

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