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Surviving Infections on the Farm

“By morning …The swelling had gone down by 50% and 24 hours after that, the swelling was even better! I went from feeling miserable to feeling like a total rock star!”

Homeopathy and Tuberculosis

The homeopathic and conventional approach to tuberculosis is compared. Research and a list of useful remedies for TB symptoms is included.

Homeopathy for Mastitis

Mastitis – inflammation or infection of the breast – feels like the flu and causes fever, aches and pains. Here’s a list of helpful remedies and a comparison of treatment approaches.

Remedies for Tonsillitis

Pain when swallowing, dryness and a sense of constriction, smarting and burning in the throat? All these tonsillitis symptoms ease with the correct homeopathic remedy. Here’s a list.

Shakespeare recommended homeopathy

Most people only think of little bottles of sugar pills and liquids when they think of homeopathy, but the homeopathic effect has been recognised and used in a variety of …

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