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Study: Flu and URTI Prevention with Homeopathy 1

Study: Flu and URTI Prevention with Homeopathy

When researchers wanted a safe and effective cold and flu treatment for children they decided to test homeopathy ... and the results were positive.

Remedies for Flu-like Symptoms 2

Remedies for Flu-like Symptoms

Feeling tired and weak with a headache, sore body, cold hands and feet, chills or fever, flushed face or dry skin? Here's a list of remedies that cover these and other flue-related symptoms.

Homeopathy and Epidemics 3

Homeopathy and Epidemics

From malaria, influenza and Ebola, to bird flu and parvo, epidemic diseases plague animals and humans alike. A vet explains how he manages two canine ones with homeopathy. 

Trial: Influenza-like Syndromes 4

Trial: Influenza-like Syndromes

A homeopathic preparation was tested for the treatment of influenza and influenza-related syndromes. 63% of patients experienced complete resolution or clear improvement.

Trial: Homeopathy for Flu Prevention 5

Trial: Homeopathy for Flu Prevention

The results of a Brazilian trial suggest that homeopathy reduces the incidence of flu and colds in children - in contrast to others, those who received the prophylactic did not become infected.