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Annabel Croft Uses Homeopathy 1

Annabel Croft Uses Homeopathy

It is always interesting when well-known people or celebrities tell how they use homeopathy. Such is the case with professional tennis player and busy mum, Annabel Croft.

ECCH March Newsletter 2

ECCH March Newsletter

The latest newsletter from the European Central Council of Homeopaths Newsletter has the following interesting stories: 1. Children with respiratory diseases benefit from homeopathic treatment 2. Homeopaths are open, caring, …

Bad Habits – Why Not Get Rid of Them? 4

Bad Habits – Why Not Get Rid of Them?

Do you suffer from tics and twitches, or habits such as hair-twirling, thumb-sucking, nail-biting, nose picking, drinking, smoking or drug dependency? Many do and often ask if homeopathy can help. …

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