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Homeopathy at the animal shelter 1

Homeopathy at the animal shelter

Maneka Ghandi divides her time between running an animal shelter and working as a parliamentarian. She writes an interesting article for Mizo News in which she tells how homeopathy has …

Ask the Homeopathy Vet 2

Ask the Homeopathy Vet

What remedy would you give a pet or stray animal facing a stressful event? Kara, who works in animal rescue asked this question and Sara the Vet responded with lots …

Vet Prefers Homeopathy 3

Vet Prefers Homeopathy

“The side-effects of homeopathic treatment are improved, overall health and a heightened sense of well-being; side-effects not typically found with Western medicine.”

Homeopathy for Cancer in Animals 4

Homeopathy for Cancer in Animals

Vet, Sue Armstrong, discusses possible reasons for the staggering increase in cancer in our pets, common remedies she uses for mammary tumours, and the recovery of “S” from rectal cancer …

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