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Autism - Brady's Story 1

Autism – Brady’s Story

Brady’s Mum said, “He spent his days pacing up and down the fence-line or hallway, gazing into space, tantrumming on the floor and screaming.” Change came with homeopathy.

Tutorial 13 - Finding a Good Homeopath 2

Tutorial 13 – Finding a Good Homeopath

A common question is, “How do I find a good homeopath?” With many therapists incorporating remedies into their modality it can be difficult to identify the professional homeopath.

Top 10 Remedies for Acne 3

Top 10 Remedies for Acne

Here is a ‘top ten’ list of remedies for acne. If you can’t find a suitable one from the list consider seeing a homeopath for an individualised prescription that suits your symptoms.

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