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Study: Quicker Births with Fewer Complications

In a 1983 study, 93 women given a complex of potentised homeopathic remedies experienced reduced labour lengths and had fewer complications than those given a placebo. In a randomised double blind trial involving 93 …

Ten reason to love your homeopath

Homeopaths love homeopathy, but Tracy Kolenchuk thinks homeopathic consumers should love their homeopaths – and she has come up with ten reasons why. She covers things such as health, money, …

Ed & Liz: Homeopathy, Science and Scientism

What’s the difference between science and scientism – and how do they relate to the discourse on homeopathy? This clever UK video by Brian Kaplan provides an insight to the …

Homeopathy and science get along just fine

In a fascinating read, Biochemist Clara Amaya, PhD, looks at how the research stacks up and why some are antagonistic to it. She says in part: “Accepting that homeopathic medicines …

Homeopathy is Hogwash?

“Scientists say homeopathy is undiluted hogwash. But it CAN work – and that’s all that matters,” says James Delingpole. What do you think? 

Homeopathy Enjoys the Edge

Dr Shah writes an insightful article at the International News. When comparing homeopathy to conventional medicines, he says: “The more a homeopathic medicine is used the more useful it becomes. …